Sergei Udovik

publisher, writer, journalist, photographer, analyst

About author

Sergei Udovik amazes with a great variety of his interests. Some know him as a director of “Vakler” publishing house, which was the first to publish translations of C. Jung’s, A. Maslow’s and R. Assagioli’s key works. Others know him as a journalist and observer of such newspapers as “The Day”, “The Mirror of the Week”. The rest know him as an expert and system analyst, who easily settles the most complicated questions in fields of economics, politics and sociology. His research interests range extends from the core problems of globalization to the particular problems of psychology, history, art and metallurgy. In addition, he is the author of several books, the most resonant of which - the monograph "The globalization. Semiotic approach "- has attracted the attention of specialists from abroad. Sergei’s latest passion is preparation of a series of photo books about Ukraine with the author's text and photos…

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