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December 2 2019

Ukraine. New edition

Republished photo album «Ukraine» (2019).

Kyiv in Art

Published art album «Kyiv in Art» (2018).

Photo album «Kyiv». New edition

Republished photo album «Kyiv» (2018). The richly illustrated book deals with eventful history of Kyiv. The sights of the city are presented in the form of walks through Kyiv. Certain chapters cover Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, Podil, Khreschatyk, present-day...

Photobook «Wilhelm Kotarbiński»

Published photo book «Wilhelm Kotarbiński» (2015). Wilhelm Kotarbiński is an extraordinary artist of the Age of Modernism, his talent, erudition and sense of humor became a legend. Cultural heritage of Kotarbiński is huge and diverse...

August 12 2019

Photobook «Ukraine». New edition

Republished photobook «Ukraine»

June 28 2018

Photobook «Kyiv». New edition

Republished photobook «Kyiv»

March 23 2017

Ukraine. Top 100 sights

Republished photobook «Ukaine. Top 100 sights».

July 3 2013

Ukraine. Historical Sights. Published

Published photo book Ukraine. Historical Sights (German, French...

May 21 2013

Photo album "Ukraine"

Published photo album Ukraine. Ukraine attracts travelers with its eventful history and different landscapes, which created its unique face. This photo album will give you an opportunity to discover the most picturesque nature sights of our country, and to take a look at rich architectural heritage, which left different ethnics, who lived on the Ukrainian...

May 20 2013

Ukraine: palaces, castles and fortresses, full leather binding

Photo book "Ukraine: palaces, castles and fortresses" (full leather binding) introduces you to the magnificent palaces, mighty castles and famous fortresses of Ukraine. The history of fortifications in Ukraine covers the period from IX century BC to the present. Famous battles and historical events are associated with castles and palaces of Ukraine. Photo book describes more...