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By Serhiy UDOVYK

Globalization is perhaps the most popular word among the world political elite. Some are pinning great hopes on it as a panacea for various economic malfunctions. Others, antiglobalists, utterly hate and berate all that is associated with the word.

The authorship of this term has been ascribed to American sociologist Robertson who gave interpretation to the notion of globalization in 1985 and expounded the basics of his concept in a book in 1992. This buzzword is rather obscure, obscure in the sense whether or not globalization can be blamed for one’s mistakes, non-professionalism and gross miscalculations in the development of a country or, on the contrary, this word can be adopted and pronounced at any opportunity in...

By Serhiy UDOVYK

Ukraine is now facing an extremely acute dilemma: either to marshal all domestic reserves and break through into the group of developed countries or to finally remain in the group of the hopelessly backward.

This country’s main problem is absence of a government-sponsored geo-economic strategy of development.

Ukraine is losing momentum with each passing year, day, and hour, increasingly lagging behind the European countries not only in terms of its per capita gross domestic product but also in terms of economic organization, and management quality, especially in the upper echelons of power.

This has formed a prevalent opinion abroad that our country is incapable of any technological breakthrough and that...

When world civilization is entering the era of information, defense of the information space and the problem of communication in society comes to the fore. These issues are most seriously dealt with in the US and Europe. The US Department of Defense employs 1000 PR officials. The US National Security Agency’s National School of Cryptology alone graduates an annual 19,000 information experts.

American experts say the main role in an informational age belongs to information wars, no less fierce than conventional ones, but without human casualties.

Russia also pays ever-increasing attention to this matter. On September 9, 2000, President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation signed into law the Doctrine of the Information Security of the Russian Federation. What...

By Serhiy UDOVYK

Yevhen Marchuk’s concept laid down in his article, “Sociopolis as Model of a Future Society,” (The Day, September 5, 2000) maintains that Ukraine is embarking on the road leading to civilized progress, albeit one full of potholes. While I support the author’s concept, I would like to dwell on a number of what I consider points of principal importance that seem to have been left out of the article. Above all, I would like to draw the reader’s attention to the notion of human capital. It has been in wide use and spelled out in sufficient length and depth. However, human and intellectual capital do not exist by themselves, as just a collection of subjects with developed intellect. Indeed, they begin to work effectively and...

By Serhiy UDOVYK, special to The Day

Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma addressed the consultative meeting with a comprehensive speech in which he characterized the current economic situation in Ukraine and paid special attention to the development of high-tech industries, particularly mentioning the recently adopted law on technological parks in Kyiv and Kharkiv, based on the Paton Institute of Electrical Welding and Institute of Monoclinic Crystals, and the Semiconductor Technologies and Materials, Optical Electronics and Sensory Equipment Technological Park. The President said Ukraine has great opportunities in the agrarian sector whose products are being exported to eighty countries.

Ukraine is also assuming great importance as a...

By Serhiy UDOVYK

A man of taste is attracted by the austere lines and refined modesty of design in expensive equipment, cars, or architectural forms; simultaneously in the West motley objects and architectural solutions, overloaded with a huge amount of pretentious blazing details, also known as the African variation, are offered to the marginal masses.

Our monument, with its eclectics, smorgasbord of styles, and overload, corresponds to the best African variations. And its phallic shape seems to be intended to personify Ukraine’s absent masculinity. The monument, on the one hand, will undoubtedly confirm Western tourists’ condescending opinion of the Ukrainians as friendly Asiatic aborigines striving for European culture, and, on the...

By Serhiy UDOVYK


Every year we discover that this time we have a budget bill better than the previous year’s. Of late, it has started being described as “the best,” “balanced,” “submitted on time,” and one allowing for practically every requirement set forth in Parliament’s budget resolution.

And so this year’s budget bill is the best ever. Even the IMF agrees that it is very good, the Cabinet claims. Does this mean there are no problems?

Perhaps. Our recent history shows there is no sense discussing budget bills. Life dictates its own terms and conditions, and every budget is invariably never fully implemented, with the Cabinet always coming up with convincing stories explaining its nonfufillment, while cadre changes...

By Serhiy UDOVYK



Ukraine is considered to have its own monetary unit, the hryvnia, as well as its own fiscal system. Scholarly debate is centered on which of the two systems is better — Keynesian economics or monetarism — and whether the inflation rate should be as low as possible or allowed to remain rather high.

To answer, one has to consider the functions of money. Any national monetary unit is supposed to be a means...