Sergei Udovik

publisher, writer, journalist, photographer, analyst

Wilhelm Kotarbiński

Author: Sergei Udovik, Daria Dobriian
Language of publication: Russian, English
The number of pages: 80
Binding: hardback
Format: 70x90/8
Year of publication: 2015
Publisher: Publishing house “Vakler”
ISBN: 978-966-543-159-6
Type of publication: Photo album

Wilhelm Kotarbiński is an extraordinary artist of the Age of Modernism, his talent, erudition and sense of humor became a legend. Cultural heritage of Kotarbiński is huge and diverse: religious, monumental and decorative painting, easel paintings and exquisite graphics. He was actively involved in the cultural life of Kyiv and assisted in founding of the first city museum. The album brightly and colourfully illustrates the richness of the artist’s artworks and contains 160 images.

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