Sergei Udovik

publisher, writer, journalist, photographer, analyst

History of Ukraine-Rus

Author: Sergei Udovik
Language of publication: English
The number of pages: 120
Binding: hardback
Format: 84х108/16
Year of publication: 2010
Other language editions: Russian, Ukrainian
Publisher: Publishing house “Vakler”
ISBN: 978-966-543-136-7
Type of publication: Photo book

This book presents the illustrated history of Ukraine-Rus from the most ancient times to our days in the geopolitical context for the first time. The history of  Ukraine-Rus is examined in the view of urban (bourgeois) democratic society formation and the fight of urban Christian civilization against the archaic rural traditional world. Much attention is given to multicultural and multiethnic basis for Ukraine-Rus formation. The book is illustrated with 493 pictures and 8 maps.

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