Sergei Udovik

publisher, writer, journalist, photographer, analyst

Kyiv in sketches

Author: Sergei Udovik
Language of publication: Ukrainian, English, Russian, French, German
The number of pages: 240
Binding: hardback
Format: 70х90/8
Year of publication: 2011
Publisher: Publishing house “Vakler”
ISBN: 978-966-543-143-5
Type of publication: Photo album

Kyiv is an amazing city. Wonderful winter with its Christmas, Epiphany, Pancake week and floating ice; charming spring with its blooming chestnut trees, lilac and magnolia. In summer Kyiv gradually merges into beach contentment. But the most “Kyiv” time is autumn. Contrast of seasons, hilly right bank and flat left one create a plenty of extraordinary views, inspire to make photo sketches, a small part of which is represented by 220 photos in the album.

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